Unibass v3
Unibass v3
Unibass v3

Unibass v3

The UNIBASS is a high performance active bass speaker. It can be used as a single unit or in multiples in order to achieve a powerful and dynamic bass response. The UNIBASS has many unique features that allow it to achieve an exceptional performance.

The V3 features so many unique concepts, including pressure charged driver, analogue computer, symitiza circuits, overbuilt bipolar class H amplifier, etc, that it performs in a class of its own as a compact bin/sub.

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3.5KW RMS / 7KW peak power amplifier.

Our own unique overbuilt 3.5KW RMS / 7KW peak class H bipolar heavyweight power amplifier - for effortless delivery of the high continuous current demands of many modern music basslines - this is a point of performance failure in many of today's lightweight amplifiers.

Pressure Charged Driver

Unique 21 inch "Pressure Charged Driver" delivering the holy grail of very high efficiency, low power compression and high power handling.

"Symitiza" circuit

Our own unique "Symitiza" circuit that applies offset correction to asymmetrical waveforms to keep the driver operating as symmetrically as possible within its Xmax zone. This reduces distortion and increases efficiency and reliability at extreme output levels.

heat managment

Our own unique analogue computer to manage voice coil heat allowing the speaker to safely run even louder as a result.

Signal management

Our own unique analogue signal processing and dynamic management system that helps the unit to make the most of the music, producing a really heavyweight, dynamic and accurate sound that is a pleasure to listen to regardless of how hard it is being driven.

Custom limiter

A user configurable limiter threshold so that the maximum output can be set and limited to suit the application.

Dimensions: 800w x 600h x 950d + skids and castors
Weight: 110kg approx
Mounting Hardware: Skid recesses on top / 35mm pole socket in top
Frequency Response: 30hz to 200hz. Can run from full range signal (inbuilt low pass filter)
Typical Peak SPL @1m: Ground stacked single UNIBASS up to approx 145db,  a block of four UNIBASS up to approx 155db 
Power Requirement: 230v ac, typically between 2 to 10 amps depending on music & level
Audio Connections: Signal via XLR in & link out
Power Connections: 20A Powercon connectors in & link out
Controls on Rear Input gain, power switch, limit threshold & low pass filter frequency
Amplifier: Unique 3.5KW RMS / 7KW peak heavyweight bipolar class H amp
Speaker Driver: 21 inch driver with pressure charger

Analogue signal processing, including low pass filter & limiters.

Analogue computer to monitor voice coil heat.

Symitiza circuit to offset against asymmetrical waveforms.

Driver pressure charger controller to optimise with music signal.

Display on Rear: Green signal present indicator
Red high level signal indicator
Red power on indicator 


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