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Product Ranges

Signal Processing

Nightclubs, music venues and touring systems worldwide are benefitting from the addition of our "Leveliza".

With the recent addition of the "Basswatch" and "Red Alert" we now have a portfolio of unique products for comprehensive level management.

High Power Active Speakers

Our active PA speakers, with their unique concepts and technologies, are bringing a whole new performance level to high energy music venues and touring systems.

Our flagship pressure charged "UnibassV3" active bass speaker features so many unique concepts,
including pressure charged driver, analogue computer, symitiza circuits, overbuilt bipolar class H amplifier, etc, that it performs in a class of its own as a compact bin/sub.

Venues and touring systems love using our "General" active speakers as high power DJ monitors.
Reputed by most artists that have used them to be the best DJ monitors they have ever used, and
with the built in unique Leveliza circuit they are even able to transparently engineer their own levels

- they are the only active speaker we know of in the world that can do this.

Our Espiella high power active mid/high with forced air and fluid driver cooling sounds exceptional and raises an astonishing output level from such a compact enclosure.

Smaller speakers

The DWARF - This unique shapeshifter of an active speaker uniquely combines a true HiFi sound and extended sub response into a compact speaker that can also adapt to be a full range PA speaker, or PA mid/high, or high power DJ monitor, etc, as required, all from a ultra compact unit smaller than many HiFi speakers.

Hearing a breathtaking HiFi sound quality in a small club or bar is so much more enjoyable than
listening to the sound usually achieved in those venues with small PA speakers. The difference in
sound has to be heard to be appreciated.