Red Alert

Red Alert

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Finally a solution - RED ALERT has proven to be an effective way of preventing DJs running their levels into the red, and is a unique product, we do not know of any other device that is so simple and effective at solving this universal issue.

When the DJ mixer output goes into the red a big red lamp on the RED ALERT will flash reminding the DJ to take the level back slightly.  Simple.

If the DJ doesn't notice the lamp (or ignores it) then after it has flashed for a sustained period the RED ALERT will temporarily mute just the booth monitor output to get the DJ's attention.  Once the level is reduced the booth monitor will become un-muted again.

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Finally a way to help DJs keep their mixers out of the red and avoid distorted or excessive signals.

Autonomous performance

Once set the RED ALERT needs no further adjustment or attention, it will just keep doing its job indefinitely.



300mm wide (330 inc mounting flanges) 120mm deep and 150mm high


Power requirement: 90-264V AC, 47-63 Hz, maximum 60mA current
Stereo Audio Connections:

Inputs - balanced XLR for main & balanced 1/4 Jack for booth, for each channel.

Outputs - balanced XLR for both main and booth, for each channel.

Other Connections:

Power - Standard IEC power inlet type C14

Auxiliary contactor - special 3 pin connector

Booth mute disable: Activated by key switch on rear of unit
Display: Excessive Signal Indicator and Booth Mute Active indicators on front panel

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