The GENERAL is a high power general purpose active Mid/High speaker with limited full range capability down to 50hz and built in LEVELIZA and LIMITIZA systems. It is switchable for either maximum output as a mid/high speaker for medium sized events, or can be switched to full range for use for smaller events or monitors or any application requiring a compact full range solution.

The GENERAL is totally unique in having a built in LEVELIZA system, and so is capable of transparently engineering itself to maintain its maximum average loudness at any preset level without pumping or spoiling the dynamic range of the music. From the operators point of view this means you can decide on the maximum loudness that you want from the speakers and then they will subtly engineer themselves accordingly without all the unwelcome audible side effects of using conventional compressors or limiters.

Venues and touring systems love using our "General" active speakers as high power DJ monitors. Reputed by most artists that have used them to be the best DJ monitors they have ever used, and with the built in Leveliza circuit they are even able to transparently engineer their own levels.

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The General's features

built in LEVELIZA

The General is currently the Worlds' only active speaker that has an inbuilt Leveliza and can engineer its own levels accordingly.

Full Range mode

Although predominantly designed as a mid/high speaker, in this mode the Generals will respond down to about 50hz, which gives them the ability to be really useful as a full range solution in applications not requiring a strong sub response.

Mid/High mode

In this mode the Generals can perform at their loudest and respond down to about 150hz with a fairly gentle 12db/octave rolloff.

"Limitiza" Circuit

The unique "Limitiza" circuit in the Generals continuously monitors the activity of the limiters. It ignores slight or "soft" limiting, but if it detects any of the limiters are consistently limiting significantly or "hard" then it gently eases back the overall system gain until the limiting action is only soft. When an active speaker is slightly or "soft" limiting it means it is running as loud as it can without significantly compromising it's sound in any way.

The Limitiza means that you can
try to "overdrive" the Generals as much as you like, but they will just maintain this ultimate 100% output level without compromise in sound quality or losing dynamic range.

Dimensions & Weight: 360w x 600h x 450d x 45kg approx
Mounting hardware: 35mm pole socket on base
Frequency response: approx 50hz-20khz in full range mode or 150-20khz in mid/high mode
Amplifiers: Bi-amped - Class AB - 1.2KW RMS low frequency and 0.3KW RMS high frequency
Power requirement: 230v, typically average up to 3amps, max approx 6amps
Connections on rear: Signal via XLR in & link out. / Power via 20A Powercon connectors in & link out.
Controls on rear: Input gain & Leveliza threshold adjustments, mode switch & power switch
Display on rear:  Green & Red signal indicators / Blue Leveliza/Limitiza active indicator / Red power indicator.


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