Dwarf Speaker

Dwarf Speaker

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The DWARF is a very high audio quality ultra compact multi-purpose pro-audio active speaker. (Passive version with separate amplifier also available.)

As a general rule HiFi speakers do not play loud and PA speakers do not sound like HiFi speakers. Well, the unique DWARF hybrid speaker breaks all the rules, it is loud enough to be a small PA speaker whilst still sounding like a top end HiFi speaker, and has a sub response that is just astonishing for such a small full range box.

It is an audio "shapeshifter", being able to adapt and excel at performing in a variety of different uses.

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the DWARF features

ultra compact

Can be easily transported in even the smallest of cars.

an audio shapeshifter

The Dwarf is able to adapt and excel at performing in a variety of different uses.

analogue processing system

The Dwarf's unique processing is 100% analogue and low latency. It is designed to achieve the best possible sound quality from the speaker.

The operational mode is user variable between HiFi mode, through full range PA to Mid/High mode. This gives the DWARF a unique ability to be perform very well in a variety of different applications.

Automated Dynamic Bass EQ & limiters.

The automated Dynamic Bass EQ monitors the headroom and driver excursion, allowing the DWARF to maximise its ability at bass/sub whilst adapting automatically as required to prevent this generous bass/sub response compromising the performance across the remaining frequencies.

The "Limitiza" circuit

The DWARF's "Limitiza" circuit monitors the limiters for activity, and if the speaker is overdriven significantly then it will slowly reduce the input gain to avoid continuous hard limiting. For this reason, unlike most other active speakers, the DWARF never compromises its sound or reliability when overdriven.


The DWARF is a really good solution for music bars and smaller venues that require moderate loudness levels and would like to benefit from an exceptionally good HiFi type sound quality. Multiple Dwarfs can be deployed as needed around the venue and the resulting sound is audibly superb.

In such applications it is often preferable to install passive speaker boxes and keep the amplifiers in a rack in a designated place. For this reason we offer the option of passive DWARF speakers with a separate DWARF POWER STATION stereo 2U rack mount dedicated drive processor/amplifier. Each DWARF POWER STATION can power up to four passive DWARFs (two per channel).

The passive DWARF speakers also benefit from being smaller enclosure volume than the active ones, which makes them easier to fit into tight spaces, and they can be painted in custom colours if required to blend into the venue.

DWARF Passive Speakers
Dimensions: 450h x 300w x 450d
Weight: 25kg approx
Mounting hardware: 35mm pole socket in base - additional hardware available by request
Frequency Response: approx 32hz to 20Khz in HiFi mode or 50hz to 20Khz in PA mode or 120hz to 20Khz in Mid/High mode
Power requirement: 230v ac, typically average up to 1 amp, max approx 2 amps Other voltages available by request
Audio connections: Signal via balanced XLR in
Power connections: 20A Powercon connector inlet
Controls on rear: Input gain, power switch & mode/response adjustment
Amplifier: 400W RMS / 800W peak class AB amplifier
Speaker Drivers: 10 inch driver in reflex enclosure & 1 inch compression driver

Analogue signal processing with limiters and negligible latency Automated Dynamic Bass EQ system
RC Audio LIMITIZA circuit

 Display on rear: Blue power on indicator & Red high level signal indicator


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