Active PA

Raise your expectations!

Why consider these speakers?

So, your competition all sound great having invested heavily in top level pro-audio systems.  How do you step above them to the "next level" to become known as the leading sound or venue in your area?

Our high performance active speaker systems offer jaw dropping audio performance achieved through many unique technologies and top quality components, if you are looking for exceptional audio performance then one of our systems could be just what you need.

What are the main benefits of RC Audio's unique speakers?

  • Extreme high performance that far exceeds that of many more complicated and costly top end pro-audio systems, but achieved in compact self-contained active enclosures,
  • Built in amplifiers, drive processing and limiting protection, all our own unique electronics,
  • Super quick and simple to set up and operate, requiring only mains power supply and an audio signal input,
  • All hand built in our UK workshops by experienced technicians, being well engineered using high quality and carefully sourced parts.
  • In a world where increasingly it is necessary to excel to stand out from the crowd, RC Audio offers a less mainstream and more exclusive option for truly exceptional sound system solutions.

The GENERAL is a high power general purpose active Mid/High speaker with limited full range capability down to 50hz and built in LEVELIZA and LIMITIZA systems. It is switchable for either maximum output as a mid/high speaker for medium sized events, or can be switched to full range for use for smaller events or monitors or any application requiring a compact full range solution.

Unibass v3

The UNIBASS is a high performance active bass speaker. It can be used as a single unit or in multiples in order to achieve a powerful and dynamic bass response. The UNIBASS has many unique features that allow it to achieve an exceptional performance.


High power active mid/high speaker system. Designed to reproduce high definition sound at extremely high sound pressure levels from a very compact unit. Exceptional audio headroom and the ability to operate continuously at peak sound pressures in excess of 140db. Designed to maintain an outstanding audio performance regardless of how hard it is being driven.


The “BATTLEBASS” is our larger bass speaker for applications requiring extremely high sound pressure levels of bass and sub. A totally unique and formidable monster for uncompromised bass and sub performance. Designed to maintain an outstanding audio performance regardless of how hard it is being driven.