About Us

RC Audio Systems Ltd was founded in 2015 by Jon Evelegh.

Since the nineties Jon has been designing and building custom and specialist audio equipment for a variety of applications.  Amongst his designs is the legendary RC1 Sound System, which has achieved worldwide fame for its astonishing and unparalleled performance.

Every aspect of our products is designed and built here in our UK workshops out of top quality parts, including electronic processing circuits and amplifiers, ensuring that all the components are carefully tuned to work together and deliver ultra high performance.

Our active speakers include many unique technologies and features, including active forced air and fluid driver cooling, pressure charged bass drivers, top performance class AB and class H custom built amplifiers, plus a host of circuits that are unique to RC Audio such as Symitiza, Leveliza  and Limitiza circuits, etc.

We also pioneered the unique "Leveliza" system, which is proving a worldwide game changer for controlling system levels.

We are passionate about what we do, bringing new solutions and high performance products to the world is our objective.  We believe all our products to be Unique and Exceptional, and that is what motivates us to build them.

So, if you are serious about sound and are looking to achieve the next level in performance then our products might be just what you need.

Our team and workshops are based in Dorset in the UK.  All of our products are built and tested here, from soldering the smallest components onto the circuit boards right through to assembly and testing of the finished products.

"I have always had a passion for music, engineering and electronics.  During the nineties I owned and worked with many different sound systems as well as performing as a DJ.  I loved the way music connected with people and the whole extra dimension that a powerful sub/bass response could bring.

I loved putting the real weight into the sound with careful application of sub and bass, but found that most systems couldn't achieve this weighty sound at high enough levels, so project RC1 was conceived.  A project to try to achieve considerably more bass pressure output from convenient and compact portable boxes.  Following numerous prototypes and experimentation with new loading principles, driver and cooling technologies, finally the first RC1 Sound System was built in late 1999." - Jon Evelegh

RC1 Sound System

The RC1 contains some  unique and different technologies to other systems, and to this day over two decades later it is still comfortably outperforming state of the art top end equipment.

I was regularly being asked if we would sell any of the RC1, but it has always been my personal project which I have never planned to sell.  However, from this it appeared that there was a market for me to design and built very high performance speakers for clients, and I have always loved seeing people enjoy using equipment that I've built, so I decided to start RC Audio Systems with this purpose in mind.